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Why Cats Love Boxes

Have you ever wonder why your felines are so fond of boxes? Why they always ignored your just purchased fancy mobile pet bed and it seems more interested in the packaging than the whole thing inside on it?

No matter what the size of the box is, they shockingly find ways to fit and give you the stare of satisfaction. So let’s find out why cats like boxes that much in this article.

Boxes ambient temperature…

Grey cat in a box

There are several reasons why your cats love boxes, but mainly because they love to stay in confined spaces, they love to enclose themselves.

Cats prefer ambient temperatures to maintain body heat. A cat’s average temperature should be at least between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius during winters.

Since the box is a natural passageway of heat and sound, cats do feel more comfortable to curl up and feel the warmth.

It’s their safe haven

Cat eyes in the hole of the box

Part of a cat’s instinctive nature is to how they protect themselves from other foe cats or animals. Cats are both prey and predators, so they always find a secret hideout on how they can protect themselves from possible threats.

So these traits are passed by their ancestors. Wild cats do hide their selves through the caves; it is the safest place for them where they can guard themselves against danger.

So do as boxes, cats sense security whenever they are inside. It’s their perfect hiding spot to stalk and hunt other beings including their humans, they just suddenly knock your knees while passing by without you noticing, it’s their talent.

It helped them to reduce stress…

Fat cat in the box

The researchers of the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands conducted a study about how cats cope up with stress in a new environment. It showed that those cats that have been provided by cardboard boxes are easily coped up faster than those who have not provided.

But there are several reasons why your cats feel anxious, like having unfamiliar visitors in the house or having new pet or just hearing strange noises. They will start to seclude their selves through hiding to release their tension and calming themselves while handling stressors.

So a simple cardboard box can help your feline ones to reduce their anxiety in coping up in unlikely situations.

Its appealing smell…

Small cat in the box

A cat’s sense of smell is the primary way it identifies people and objects. Another reason why they are crazy over this thing it is because of its soothing scent that cats like to sniff.

Cats like to leave a scent mark on the things they are interested in, and as you may notice they start to cuddle the boxes by rubbing their cheeks and tails all over. That is how they take and absorb all the scent from the box.

Great source of entertainment

Cute cat in cardboard box

Cardboard boxes are nothing for some of us humans but for cats, they treat it like a treasure. It is an easy object for them to scratch, bite, and chew because of its texture.

Is it normal for a cat to chew boxes?

Cat playing with a box

Yes, it is part of the cat’s reaction towards the box. Cat’s releases their excitement and giggles by biting, chewing, and kicking objects. But sometimes their excessive chewing can get out of hand.

There are a few medical conditions explained by the vets on why your cats like to chew boxes. It includes teething (in kittens) or having some serious oral health problems.

Cats are likely to ease their feeling of discomfort by gnawing their mouth to the side of the boxes and slightly shredding then chewing it. It could be also a result of Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Cats having this disorder tend to chew or eat non-edible items like fabrics, cardboard boxes, and wires.


As much as we like to spoil them with fancy and expensive stuff, we know it can’t be compared with their love for boxes. So before casting your boxes, try to create something out of it for your cats. A simple effort can make your feline one happy. Always think outside of the box.

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